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Our Philosophy

Furniture is more than just mere storage.
It is a vehicle that carries with it time and memories.
It transcends life, motivates a sense of style.
And enhances living.
Furniture can last a lifetime.
And Even More.



Established in 1972, Fitwell has gradually grown to be one of Malta's foremost furniture manufacturing firms.

The brand name conveys a sign of quality enshrined on the finest design and impeccably finished furniture. Fitwell's personalised approach to furniture and most particularly to kitchen design is the basis upon which satisfied customers both local and foreign keep returning to the company year after year.
At Fitwell we believe in client satisfaction, flexibility in customer approach and above all in the up-keeping of quality as a continuous standard in all the services provided by the company. Fitwell has in the past years invested substantial capital in state of the art equipment capable of producing high quality furniture and satisfying customer delivery dates. Moreover, Fitwell takes particular pride in its craftsmanship which is backed by a "team" of truly experienced and dedicated people.

Total Quality Control is an ongoing process from the design to the actual manufacturing process. Fitwell has adopted a quality by design approach. The selection of the widest and finest materials, the continuos research in design trends and styles as well as a marketing approach geared at satisfying an ever demanding market make Fitwell a highly thought of brand of lasting value. A superb customer approach and timely delivery is a standard Fitwell boasts of justifiably. Professional independently conducted nationwide surveys have revealed that Fitwell was found to offer not just more value for money than other leading furniture firms in its field but also a wider selection of models, a greater choice of materials and styles, indeed, more personalised solutions for most tastes and ideas.

Fitwell routinely consults its client base to receive their impressions and feedback with the scope of continually seeking ways of improving the product, excelling not only its design and finishing but also the overall service so much essential in today's ever changing, competitive world. Our sales staff have access to computer systems giving them detailed and accurate information about product availability and delivery dates besides providing for tailor-made kitchen designs and layouts according to personal requirements.

Our ability to give the customer the certainty over availability and delivery is a vital advantage we have over our competitors. Business expansion materialising in frequent export requests from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East is yet another star on this firm's sterling reputation.

Fitwell is thus the obvious choice for the discerning buyer seeking a hallmark piece of furniture to last for more than just a lifetime!

We turn your kitchen concepts into reality
Using the very latest computer aided design we plan your dream kitchen to every detail and specifications. This enables our clients to view an instant layout of their chosen model and therefore be in a better position to make their choices.
Our furniture designers will assist you in making the best of your kitchen area irrespective of your room size and budget.

Mission Statement
Fitwell is committed to deliver high quality furniture providing the best value for money possible, and guaranteeing punctuality and service to its clients in Malta and overseas. Fitwell aims to become the foremost Maltese company in its field.

Fitwell is an ISO 9001 (2000 Revision) Certified Company.

Quality Policy
Our commitment to our clients is to provide them with outstanding products in line with the styles, values for money and quality standards and levels of service that honor the environment where they are using our furniture and at the same time give them customer satisfaction.
We will achieve this based on the key characteristics that put us on the forefront as one of the best suppliers in the furniture market - an aggressive attitude towards customer service and continous customer focus.
We achieve this by operating the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System that help us maintain a commitment to continuous improvement, both in our internal operations as well as perceived by our customers.
Quality is not just another goal - it is our basic strategy for survival and future growth.
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